We're Back!!!!

After a brief hiatus, we've returned with more energy and even more information to share! Before the year ends, I'd like to give you a bit of food for thought and provide a peek into how we plan to help you build your business in 2015.

Finish Hard: How Can You Make These Last Few Weeks Count?
This year has been particularly tough for many businesses, including those in Ghana. The threat of Ebola and other macroeconomic factors have put a number of businesses to the test and sadly caused some to shutdown. However, the Christmas season often provides an opportunity to generate additional revenue to offset tough times faced during the year, and plan for the year ahead. Here are a few resources which can help you make the most of these last few weeks of 2014:

End of Year Reflection: Where Do You Stand?
As the new year draws closer, it's important to take some time to reflect on what your business has achieved over the last year (i.e. planned and unplanned), where you think things could have been better and what your goals are for the New Year. As you brainstorm pay attention to how you measure success and how you hold yourself accountable.

Building a Better Business: What We Have in Store for 2015
In addition to the resources that we've always made available,  in the new year we plan to share information on:

  • How best you can plan and strategize to set your business up to succeed
  • What it takes to be a successful negotiator
  • How you can fund your venture
  • What role your business has in developing your community
Have a fruitful rest of the year, and see you in 2015! 

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