Bosses and Coaches Aren't All That Different

This month we've spent quite a bit of time drawing comparisons between entrepreneurs and athletes, but what about coaches? Coaches are responsible for managing, directing and disciplining teams and usually are blamed or praised for team performance. Entrepreneurs, particularly those with employees have the same responsibilities as coaches, so why not run your business like a coch? A few things you can start with are:

- Building Trust & Encouraging Accountability: Be open and honest with your team and encourage them to do the same with you and with one another. Open lines of communications mean that at any given point in time everyone knows what's going on. This makes it easier to implement strategies and track performance.

- Incentivizing Team Oriented Thinking & Being a Team Player: One of the biggest enemies of a strong team is individualistic thinking. While it is important to recognize the achievements of and individuals and encourage their professional development, it is even more important for your team to realize that they function as a team. If one person does well, while the rest of the business is in decline what good does that do? Additionally, as a coach you should exemplify team performance by making decisions that serve the decisions of your team rather than just yourself.

While there are many more examples of what business owners can learn from coaches, this list should at least get you thinking. Are you running your business like a coach? Send us an email and share your story today!

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