Implementing Technology Solutions on Your Own!

Competing in today’s business environment requires entrepreneurs to constantly keep up with technology in order to gather the necessary information to make the best business decisions. Integrating technology awareness into a business’s day-to-day agenda, will allow a company to flow more smoothly and efficiently.

Research has shown that companies can incorporate into their business a technology awareness strategy in four simple steps. Businesses can easily ensure that they have a competitive edge by following these four steps:
1.      Identifying their business needs
2.      Assessing the resources available to them
3.      Ranking the resources in order of usefulness
4.      Making the time to use the resource

Technology is an essential aspect of every business and “Do It Yourself (DIY) Web Technology” has recently become extremely popular with entrepreneurs in fulfilling their fundamental start-up needs. For example, Twitter’s new Bootstrap application offers entrepreneurs at any skill level an easy framework for web development. Bootstrap allows anyone to create a website on their own from start to finish, while minimizing the expenses that go with hiring a third party to carry out tasks that could easily be accomplished on one’s own!

Similarly, AfriDesign is an African company where business owners can monitor, track, and report their own business processes without the use of a third party. Similar to Twitter’s application, with AfriDesign business owners have the mobility and control over their own business operations, thus limiting costs. AfriDesign allows entrepreneurs to collect data more quickly and have information delivered to them in real-time anywhere and at anytime! This application is a great way to heighten tech awareness within a company as the business and its employees monitor all business processes themselves.

By identifying business needs and learning how to meet those needs on one’s own, companies can increase technology awareness and independence. Try integrating the technology awareness strategy to your business!

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