Does Your Business Need a Social Media Makeover?

When was the last time your company updated its social media presence? If you’re not sure how to use social media to market your products and services, you aren’t alone. Many small businesses across all industries don’t have the budget that allows for extensive funding for marketing, leaving their social media presence to be minimal or even nonexistent. It’s okay! Since traditional marketing can be costly, social media marketing is extremely low-cost and can give you a direct line to current and prospective customers. Use this simple six-step guide to help you understand how marketing on a budget can work for you!

1.      Do your homework: Identify your target audience and specify your company message. What message are you exactly trying to address and how do you want your audience to react?
2.      Start small: Choose one or two social media platforms to start with and focus your energy on being consistent. Facebook and Twitter are a great place to start—they are both very easy to use almost everyone and every company has an account. You want to use platforms your readers are familiar with and you want to help your readers become familiar with your company so make sure you allocate enough time to providing them with necessary and sufficient information.
3.      Be cohesive in your efforts: Make sure all of the social media platforms that you choose to work with relay a similar message. Make sure that all social media outlets ultimately lead your audience to your company website.
4.      Stimulate conversation: Social media conversations are important. You want your audience to comment, ask questions and share information with others. This type of feedback and activity from readers allows the company to engage with both current and prospective customers. This also gives you the chance to turn any negative feedback into something positive.
5.      Get your days organized: Make sure you are updating all social media platforms daily. You should be commenting or adding content to Facebook every day and/or tweeting/retweeting 3-5 times per day.
6.      Get involved: Once you have established your presence online, join groups or communities and start following other companies. Initiate and participate in more conversations by asking questions and posting comments on other companies’ posts. This will help to target specific demographics. By doing this you are making your brand more personable and welcoming to new followers.

When using social media for your startup or small business, remember to start slow and take your time. In order to revamp and strengthen your company’s online marketing efforts, you don’t need a huge budget. All you need is time and focus in order to deliver your target audience the right information to ultimately lead them to your company’s website. Spinlet is an excellent example of an African company that started small, utilized social media to increase funding opportunities, and has now reached a global market. Follow the six steps outlined above and set your company up for success!

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