Take the Plunge

This week’s post was inspired by some of the great conversation we had during our launch this past January. During the launch there were two groups, part time entrepreneurs and full time entrepreneurs. While both groups agreed that eventually it was better for a business if its founder was able to focus on it full time, there was much debate about the timing of this and whether or not being a part time entrepreneur meant you were less committed.

From personal experience I can attest to the fact that the timing of your decision to transition to full time entrepreneurship is very much a personal decision. There are a number of consequences to consider, the biggest of which is often financial stability. In terms of commitment, however, I would argue that a part time entrepreneur can be just as committed and in some cases more committed than a full time entrepreneur. Commitment in this context is just measured by hours, but also includes effort and overall dedication.
Have you made the transition from part-time to full time entrepreneurship? Share your experiences with us today!

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