Let Technology Make Your Life Easier

There are many tools out there that can make your life as a part-time entrepreneur easier. Here are a few that I’ve used:
Google Apps: This has been a great help to me. Beyond the simple email functionality I depend heavily on my Google Calendar to schedule meetings and remind me of key tasks and deadlines that I need to meet. In addition to calendar, Google Drive and it’s shared document functionality has made it easy for me to be mobile and get my work done on the go. I can collaborate with my team and access my documents as long as I have access to the internet. Both of these applications have a number of other functionalities that you should check out, visit the Google Apps website to learn more.
Mailchimp - While individual emails are sometimes necessary, I’ve used mass emails a lot to share updates about Start Smart or announce upcoming events. Mailchimp has been a great newsletter based mass emailing application for me since it,
o   Provides a variety of templates
o   Allows me to create email lists, schedule emails ahead of time and track performance
Blogger- Our blog (which you’re reading) is hosted on blogger. My favorite feature on blogger is the ability to schedule messages. I don’t always have time to write new blog posts every week; however, blogger enables me to schedule a large number of posts ahead of time. This is important because the key to having a successful blog isn’t just having great content, but also publishing regularly
Hootsuite – Social media has become a very popular medium for broadcasting messages; however, it can be difficult to manage multiple platforms particularly if you don’t have the manpower to do it. Hootsuite has been very helpful to us as it’s allowed us to communicate across our primary communication channels (i.e. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter) from one central place
Start Smart Bookkeeping Portal – This tool is actually our own cloud and SMS based bookkeeping solution which is also available publicly. It’s enabled me to be able to manage Start Smart’s finances on the go. Check out our website to learn more
Odesk – Every once in a while, you’ll realize that there are tasks that you just don’t have the skill to complete on your own. At the same time though it’s often difficult to outsource work either because you can’t locate the talent or because their price tag is too high. This is where Odesk comes in handy. It’s a global marketplace of freelancers across a variety of competencies. You post jobs and hire people based on experience, budget and other relevant factors. While working with people remotely can be a challenge, it’s been a very useful resource for us 

How has technology helped your business? Share your tools with us today!

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