Balancing Act

While it has become more common for people, particularly recent college graduates to choose entrepreneurship as their full time career, many entrepreneurs still choose to balance a full time job with their passion. The latter route has obvious benefits:

·         Financial Stability
·         Structured Working Environment
·         Credentials from an Established Company

However, there are also drawbacks. There are only 24 hours in a day, so running a business part-time puts significant constraints on your time and therefore your ability to hit key milestones. This doesn’t mean that attempting to juggle the two is wrong, it simply highlights the need to be aware of the challenges and take the steps necessary to mitigate them.

I had a similar experience when I founded Start Smart. At different points over the last three years I’ve balanced school and later on a full time job with my business. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it; however, it has come with sacrifice – namely social outings and sleep. For me though, these sacrifices made sense, particularly because I knew that the juggling act would only be temporary. The strategies that helped me the most were:

·         Learning to Prioritize – You can’t do everything at once
·         Accepting Change – Your full time commitments will always take priority, so you’ll need to take changes to your plans in stride
·         Asking for Help – Don’t wear yourself out, your network may often be more willing to help than you think

Have you balanced a full time job with your entrepreneurial passion? Share your story!

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