Do You Have A Company Culture?

Your company culture defines your day to day operations and influences all aspects of your business. It goes without saying that as the business owner, you should epitomize this culture so that your current and future employees can learn by example. In defining your company culture you should focus on:

  • Developing an Organizational Hierarchy: Is the structure of your organization flat or vertical? 
  • Making Hiring Decisions: In addition to making sure that the people that you hire are qualified on paper (i.e. have strong resumes), it is also important to ensure that their personality is a good fit for the company’s culture.  
  • Customer Interactions: Your company culture also impacts how you are perceived externally by your customers.
  • Workforce Management, Task Assignment and Decision Making: How you manage employee performance, reward and punishment, and reporting and decision making is largely dictated by the hierarchy that you have developed and should also be a reflection of the company’s culture  
While this list isn't exhaustive it does provide a great starting point. Investing time in the development of a strong culture for your business has the potential to greatly improve your operations.

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