Should Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Matter to Start-Ups?

As consumers have become more socially conscious, CSR has gained increased visibility across industries and companies. Whether it manifests in the form of scholarships or community service activities, many companies have taken an active interest in the communities that they operate in.

This kind of commitment, however, often requires significant financial resources. Larger companies may have the revenue to support this, but should CSR matter to small businesses?
In my opinion all businesses, regardless of a their size, have a responsibility to give back their communities. The questions should therefore should not be if your business should be socially responsible but how it can be. Figuring out the answer to the latter is as simple as walking through your community and noting down what you find either through direct observation or by asking the people you meet.

Do you know of a small business that has taken the time to serve its community? Share their story!

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