Is it Possible to Maintain a Startup Culture as your Business Grows?

Start-ups are known for having a very entrepreneurial environment, in which:
  • Employees are given significant amounts of responsibility and leadership opportunities
  • Independent thinking is encouraged
  • There is a flat organizational structure
  • Customer relationships are a priority
Unfortunately as many companies grow, and their internal structures shift to support this growth, these characteristics are lost and can sometimes lead to the loss of star employees or cherished customers. How can your business avoid this?

While some change in culture is inevitable as your company grows (e.g., if you’ve gone from local to international operations, as a CEO it may not be possible for you to have weekly lunch meetings with your staff), having a clearly defined company culture at the outset can help you to retain your core values and principles throughout the life of your business. To learn more about how you can create a company culture, register for Start Smart’s Building a Winning Start-up course today!

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