What Do Your Customers Want for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day can mean a lot of different thing to people, but for many business owners it's an opportunity to increase sales and profits. This is because Valentine's Day has become an increasingly commercialized holiday across the world. However, in order to reap the benefits of this shift, it is essential to understand what your customers are looking for and how best you can provide them with it. If you own a business that is preparing for the Valentine's Day rush you should be asking yourself:

1. What kind of message your customer trying to send.
Whether you're selling cards or you own a restaurant, the message that your customers are trying to communicate will influence how you help them to communicate it. For example, a couple celebrating a significant milestone in their relationship and children taking their parents out to lunch as a sign of their appreciation have different messages to send and as such should be addressed accordingly. 

2. If your customers are seeking volume or exclusivity.
In other words are they looking for a bargain or are they willing to pay a premium for what they perceive to be a unique product or experience? This will influence both your pricing and the level of inventory that you should hold.

3. If your product/service can become a yearly staple or if you need to continuously innovate.
While the latter means that changes in tastes and preferences can have a larger short term impact on you, in both instances it is important to pay attention to customer feedback and incorporate it at the right time. Use this Valentine's Day as an opportunity to interact with your customers so you can plan for the future.

While this list isn't exhaustive, it does provide a good place to start if you're trying to figure out what your customers want for Valentine's Day. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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