It's Official: We've Finally Launched!

A little over a month ago (on January 16th to be exact), Start Smart celebrated its official launch. This was a particularly important milestone for me as it marked a transition from testing the market, to "taking the plunge".

Launching, whether it's for a product/service or an entire business is a huge and important step to take. It's a signal to potential and current customers that you're ready to do business and as such requires careful planning and preparation. Your launch helps create visibility and excitement about your brand, but its up to you to harness and channel that energy into growth and eventually profits. In our case, it took us nearly three years of preparation before we were ready to launch.

Now that things are "official" we look forward to the opportunity to serve Ghana's growing community of entrepreneurs and are optimistic about the road ahead. Our comprehensive approach includes data driven consulting, skill building training and financial management tools to help you create and sustainably grow your business. To learn more about Start Smart please visit our website or send an email to julianat@startsmartgh.com  

We look forward to hearing from you!
The Start Smart Team

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