Is It Ever Right to Turn Customers Away?

 For many businesses, turning customers away is nearly unheard of. While this is admirable and can often go a long way towards building a strong reputation for your business, it is also important to know when to draw the line. As a customer nothing is more frustrating than being promised something and either not receiving it at all, not receiving it on time or receiving a poor substitute with little or no explanation.

It is up to you to determine where you draw the line, but the questions below should provide you with the right framework to make these decisions:
  • What are your competencies/capabilities as a business and how do they align with the customer's request? 
  • Will your current workload allow you to meet the client's deadline? 
  • In the event that you are unable to meet expectations do you have a plan in place to address the situation?
Have you ever been turned away a client? Share your experiences with us!

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