What Is Your Business Personality?

By: Rebecca Cho
Personality tests are used in both personal and professional settings.   There are personality categories related to everything from “What type of Harry Potter Character Are You?” to the Myers Briggs professional profiling test.  
Although these categories can be entertaining and will give you a snapshot into who you are as an individual, it can also give you an idea as to what characteristics you have and what you need to work on. 

Running a business today requires an individual who is adaptable, observant, innovative and passionate.  How well does your personality align with these traits?

In business there are four main personality types. Take a moment to find out what best describes you.

The Type “A”
The Type “A” personas are highly organized individual that thrives on specific goals.  They are very reliable and will work in a very direct and professional manner to finish the task at hand.

The Type “B”
 The Type “B” individuals are those that thrive on “going with the flow.”  They bring much creativity and insight into a business and can see the larger goals above the smaller details. 

The “Personable”
The “Personables” are people who are usually extroverts that work well with all types of people.  They have a genuine interest in getting to know customers and do a great job in making sure customer satisfaction is high 

The “Budgeter”
The “Budgeter” has a very analytical mindset that allows him/her to translate numbers and profits into budgets and future goals. 

These 4 personality types are general and in many cases, overlap each other.  You may see some qualities in yourself in one type and some in another.  The important part is to understand that your business has a higher potential to succeed with both balanced personalities and a desire to develop qualities you may lack. 

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