Three Week Countdown: What is Start Smart's Online Accounting Portal (Beta)?

Entrepreneurship is deeply entrenched in African culture. From small scale traders to larger corporations, we are a people that have developed a strong sense of what it means to do business. Despite this background, the majority of businesses in Africa are severely constrained in terms of their ability grow. One particularly large constraint is access to adequate financing.

Business financing can come from a variety of sources including loans, investments and personal savings. With loans and investments in particular, businesses need to be able to show proof that their business is viable; however, considering that many businesses in Africa are unable to keep accurate financial records this is often not possible. The existing tools are for the most part, too expensive, too difficult to access or simply too difficult to understand. That's why we created Start Smart's cloud and SMS based bookkeeping portal.

While it is still in the beta stage, the portal enables business owners to generate the full set of financial statements by entering basic sales and expense data, either via SMS or online. This tool empowers entrepreneurs by simplifying the financial management process, making it accessible to those with little or no accounting background. The portal currently supports all African currencies, and new users are offered a 30 day free trial.

 We've received a lot of great feedback on the portal to date, including a comment from Lucia Quachey, the President of the Ghana Association of Women Entrepreneurs (GAWE).

“Start Smart has been very practical and helpful. I had no idea that bookkeeping software could be this easy to use. The training that we had today is just the beginning of a series-we need to bring in all of our members across the other regions in Ghana to learn how to use this product.”

 To learn more about the portal or to create an account, visit our website. You can also join us during our Monthly Business Deep Dive Sessions. Enjoy!

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