This Month's Guest Blogger: Emmanuel Gamor

This month, I had the opportunity to interview Emmanuel Gamor of Team1000words. Below is an excerpt from the interview, enjoy!

What was your first experience with entrepreneurship?
While I was in college in the US, I founded my own photography company itake photos est. 1985. It was an amazing experience as I had the opportunity to combine my passion with helping people document really important moments in their lives. I have built a solid network of friends/clients through my first business venture.

When I moved back to Ghana in December 2012, I decided to put my journalistic skills learnt in the States to use. By combining my interests in photography, videography, blogging and politics I joined Blogging Ghana’s election reporting via social media project, Ghana Decides. The point of this project was to increase political discourse among Ghanaian youth by reporting on the 2012 Presidential Elections. During the course of the project, I met Michael Dakwa (aka Kwame Pocho) the founder of Team1000words. He and William Adei inspired me with their talent and ambition, and as I was ready to transition from being a solo storyteller to working permanently with a team, I decided to join the family.

As someone with a more creative background, how much of challenge was it to communicate to potential customers that your work came along with a particular skill/set of expertise?
Clients & customers have been much more receptive to being a creative and being a non-conventional professional more than I had initially expected. While more traditional career paths are sometimes a bit more easily understood, at the core we are a culture of art-in-many-forms. We share stories, music and all sorts of creative media, so by building on the skillset I had acquired in the States, I am able to find my niche in the local market. Once I found the local network of Creatives to plug in, I’ve had plenty opportunities to showcase my work and collaborate on multimedia projects that keep coming my way.

What's one thing that you know now, that you wish you'd known when you started, and what advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?
I think one of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned thus far is that it’s ok to not have all of the answers for a successful business venture at the beginning. There are lessons to be learned along the way, so one of the most important things is to understand that your business model/venture will be tested and refined over and again through lessons, most of failure, and it is ok to be receptive to those lessons. Be adaptable and build as many basic skills as you can, so that when you're setting up/looking for/ soliciting jobs from clients you can distinguish yourself.

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