Meet This Month's Guest Blogger: Maddy Sweeney

By: Rebecca Cho

I had the opportunity to interview Maddy Sweeney, founder of Sprinting Sheep, a cartooning company currently based in Detroit, MI. 

What inspired you to create Sprinting Sheep?
 There were so many people asking me to make them greeting cards, that I realized I could make a business out of it.   It has always been a passion of mine to draw and share my artwork with others.   If I did not have an interest in drawing, I would have never thought about starting a business – it definitely made me more serious about what I draw and the business opportunities available to me. 
What is your vision?
 Currently, Sprinting Sheep sells cards for major holidays and general celebrations. However, I hope to expand my market by providing a user-friendly website for customers to input their own ideas regarding what they would like their product to look like. Additionally,  I really enjoy selling my cards locally and would like to see my products being sold in local shops. it would be amazing to be able to keep Sprinting Sheep personal and “close to home.” 

 Any tips and hints for aspiring entrepreneurs?
I never realized how much time I would need to invest in Sprinting Sheep.  Because I want each and every one of my products to be of high quality, it was very hard for me to meet the demand of my customers.  I learned to always have my ideas organized and to have my inventory ready before I market out my artwork.  It’s saved me a lot of time and energy.

Often small businesses can fail because some people try to create a business on things they don’t really have an interest in.  I think making a business out of your passions and hobbies is the best ways to stay motivated and dedicated.

Visit us on the web: www.startsmartgh.com Send us an email: startsmart.info@gmail.com

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