How Well Do You Know Twitter?

By: Rebecca Cho

“Tweet, retweet, hash tag, mention, DM, feed, and trending” are all words that most Twitter friendly users are familiar with.  From teenagers to multimillion-dollar companies, there are millions that use the social media site. 

What can Twitter do for your business?
1. To begin, let’s first define some Twitter terms:
           - Tweet:  a “tweet” is the actual message sent and must be 140 characters or less.  Unless your Twitter account is private, all “tweets” are public and searchable online.
·        -  Retweet: While on Twitter, if you like/agree with a “tweet” from a friend or a company you follow, you can republish their “tweet” by “retweeting.” 
·         - Hash tags:  Hash tags help to categorize your tweets.  It allows all tweets to become easily searchable and narrows down tweet subjects.  #startsmart #twitterterms
·         - Mentions:  If you want to pinpoint a specific twitter account and send them a public message on twitter, you can mention them by placing an @ before their specific user name.
·         - DM: DM stands for direct message.   It allows you to send direct and private messages to other twitter accounts.
·         - Feed:  Your feed is what you will be spending most of the time looking through.  It includes not only your tweets but also any other tweets of people you are following.  It constantly refreshes with the most recent tweets being at the very top.
·         - Trending:  A term that is extremely popular is termed “trending.”  It usually occurs because of a sporting event or because of celebrity activities.

As mentioned in an earlier post that Juliana wrote, social media is an increasingly important way to promote your business.  Today, Twitter is the one of most important free online marketing tools for businesses.   Not only does it allow you to find what your potential and current customers are interested in, it gives you the freedom to research trending topics.  This allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers while creating stronger brand awareness. 

2. Twitter takes consistent effort and time to build into a powerful tool.  Knowing how to use it is just the beginning.  Here are some resources to help you learn more about Twitter for your business:

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