Can't Code? No Problem!

By: Rebecca Cho
Many start-ups today find that using the Internet is a useful and cost effective way to increase awareness about their business.    The Internet economy is booming and with the continued increase in accessibility via mobile devicess, the internet is set to become an even more powerful tool for entrepreneurs.  To fully leverage the internet however, modern entrepreneurs need to take an extra step.

Social media and online advertising are important, but where are you leading the potential customers that you engage? The answer to this question should be, “I am leading them to a clean, accessible and well defined website”. The terms clean and well defined are pretty self-explanatory, but what exactly do we mean by accessible? All websites today need to adopt something known as responsive design. This simply means that websites are optimized so that when users access them via mobile devices, their experience with the website is comparable to if they’d accessed it via a regular computer.

We’ve discussed all of these great ideas, but technology often comes with a hefty  price tag, how can you beat this? In some instances it is worth investing in the skills of a developer. 

If your website is intended to do something much simpler however, the links below might provide some useful resources.

            Code Academy is a free online platform that provides online tutorials on how to code anything from websites to computer games.  It assumes each user knows nothing about coding and goes in a step-by-step manner to ease you into coding language. 
            Khan Academy was created in 2006.  Its mission is to provide a “free world-class education for anyone anywhere.”  It has video tutorials on computer programming from experts in their respective fields on computer drawing, computer programming, animation, and user interactions. 
            App Inventor is a free application that allows those familiar with computer programming but maybe not too great with coding, to create apps for Android phones. 
            Code Avengers is a useful tutorial platform that breaks down website designing into various difficulty levels.  Although there are 3 levels, only level 1 is free – which includes 60 lessons and 300 tasks that can help you knock out the basics in website coding. 

Here are some resources to use for free to low-cost website builders:

1.  WIX :
            WIX is a free interactive and user-friendly website builder with over 26 million customers.  It offers quality and professional templates to start your business website and prides itself on giving the best website building support available. 
2.  Wordpress:
            Wordpress offers either free or yearly subscriptions to website domains.  It offers professional templates as well as “build your own” platforms to serve to both those who are website builder savvy and those who are just starting out.
3.  Weebly:
            Weebly is a free drag and drop website builder which cater to users who are not as familiar with website design code.  It is more for those that can sacrifice website flexibility for ease-of-use. 
4.  Blogger:
            Blogger is a Google based public service that allows users to have access to simple templates while having their own flexibility on how to control their website.  It is free and has over 1.5 million users in its community.

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