Start Smart: Moving From A Country To A Continent

I created Start Smart in 2011 thinking that it would be a simple way for Ghanaian business owners to manage their book keeping, by making it customized, simple and mobile. The online portal originally included built in formulas and tax codes and allowed users to transform salaries, revenue and expenses into a comprehensive set of financial records. Even with these features, there were two questions that I kept encountering:

1.    When will Start Smart reach the rest of Africa?
2.    How can I use Start Smart if I don’t have regular access to the internet?

It took time, but I have finally found a solution.

Moving to the rest of Africa:  Start Smart is now available to users in all African countries. You have the flexibility to select the currency that you do business in and the software updates to meet your needs. While the focus has moved away from the incorporation of taxes into the creation of financial statements, it does still provide valuable insight into the health of your business.

Limited Internet? No Problem: One of the realities of working in Africa is the high cost of accessing the internet and the often questionable reliability of the connection. Though the situation has improved vastly over the last decade and appears to continue to move in a positive direction, there is still a lot to be done. Building a system that requires daily internet access defeats the purpose of what Start Smart originally intended to do- empower African entrepreneurs. While the software is still mobile and will require at least monthly access to the internet, I’ve decided to include something that most Africans use everyday- their cell phones. Rather than keeping a list of each sale or expense and later entering it online, why not send a text from your phone? Just send an SMS to your account to update daily records like revenue and expense and log-in online when it’s more convenient.

As always, I look forward to receiving your questions, comments and feedback. To learn more about how Start Smart can help your business, visit www.startsmartgh.com

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