House of Cramer

House of Cramer, is a fashion blog which was created by aspiring fashionistas Afua Rida and Supriya Wassiamal. The blog focuses on promoting fashion and culture in Africa. Recently, I had the opportunity to interact with the two and learn more about their initiative. 

What Inspired You To Create A Fashion Blog?

"We created the blog to highlight Ghana's unique contribution to and perspective on fashion in Africa. Most of the fashion blogs that are currently available are from Nigeria. While this is a large market with much to offer we thought, why not put our 2 cents in?"

Why Is Your Blog Unique And Why Should Africans Read It?

"The majority of West African fashion blogs focus on designer's seasonal collections and celebrity trends. But what about the ordinary African? Who is capturing how they're relating to contemporary fashion? Our blog tries to close this gap, by picking everyday items of clothing and accessories and showing people practical ways that they can be worn to enhance their look for every occasion. Through this we hope to communicate how fundamental fashion is to our culture and in the process, position ourselves as the kind of stylists that the Ghanaian fashion industry needs. The message that we're communicating though isn't just to show the outside world what African fashion is made of, it's for us Africans too. Fashion is a part of our culture and it's important for us to be able to make our contribution. Our blog achieves this by being relatable and true to our heritage. Africans are making their mark in the world of fashion, and we're here to stay!"

What Advice Do You Have For Those Interested In Fashion, Particularly In Africa? 

                            “Fashion fades, style is eternal”- Yves Saint Laurent.

"This is probably the single most important quote that can, and in our opinion, should sum up the fashion industry as a whole. The importance of being true to oneself cannot be stressed enough because fashion is, just as art is- an outward expression of oneself."


Thanks for your time ladies!!!!

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