Passion Ignites The Fire, But What Keeps It Burning?

Being passionate about your business is part of the foundation that you need to be successful. Passion is what drives you through the long nights of hard work, and in the beginning there may be many of these. Passion will also help to make others supportive of and enthusiastic about your ideas. As wonderful as passion is however, it isn't enough- you need to run things like a business. You need to develop an integrated brand and strategy, manage your finances and find out where the money to build and grow your business will come from.

You can choose to learn these skills on your own, or do it with the help of a team. Either way there are a few great tools out there which may help:

1. Google Apps: Free email, document sharing, calendars and a number of other great applications for your business.

2. Start Smart: A free online book keeping tool, customized for businesses in Ghana

3. Fresh Books:  A book keeping and invoicing tool for businesses in the US

4. DocuSign: A free online document signing tool

5. Employee List: A free employee directory tool which helps you to gather information about your employees in one place

6. Insightly: A free CRM application for small businesses

These are just a few of the resources out there, so feel free to share what you've discovered. How have you changed your passion into a viable business idea? Share your stories!

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