Guest Blogger: William Kyei-Manu

Currently, I am what I’d like to call a “wantrepreneur”. I’m involved in the incubation stages of various ideas that I’m hoping to commercialize with the help of friends/family members.

For the most part, the concepts I’m currently working on are agriculturally based. They seek to improve the lifestyles of farmers based in Ghana by helping them refine their production process and better sell their produce. My inspiration to focus on this area is based on a number of things. My first source of inspiration is my mother who works at The Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Additionally, a large proportion of the working population in Ghana working is concentrated in this sector, therefore I believe this area provides the best way to impact my country. I might be wrong, but the large number of people in this sector of the economy combined with the low level of technology, provides many untapped opportunities for development and a huge market as well.

Though I’m in the early stages of my projects, I believe the most important lesson I have learned (both through education and practical experience), is finding the right mentor- someone who not only is skilled in what you’re doing, but has also done it before and is eager to provide you with advice.

Best of luck for the year ahead!


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