Guest Blogger: Raindolf Owusu

I like to describe myself as a technology enthusiast and aspiring entrepreneur. What I’m currently focusing on is the development of apps to help solve everyday problems in Africa. The apps I’ve developed thus far include mobile, software and web apps.

As an entrepreneur I think there a number of things that can determine whether you succeed or fail. For me, some of the things that have helped me along the way have been:

My faith- The life of an entrepreneur can be particularly stressful, and I’ve found that my strong religious background has been a great source of support for me.

My mother- She’s been an amazing role model for me. Throughout her career she’s challenged herself and sought new opportunities. She’s also been extremely supportive of me and encourages me to be creative and optimistic about the work that I’m doing. As a software entrepreneur this has been extremely helpful, I’ve learned to become comfortable with experiential learning. I love trying out new technologies and learning new ways of doing things

 Welcoming failure and feedback- Failure is a part of every learning process and being an entrepreneur involves opening yourself up to learning all the time. Making mistakes pushes you to find ways to find the most appropriate solution. In addition to making and learning from mistakes feedback is very important. As entrepreneurs we often make the mistake of assuming that everyone around us, including our potential consumers will see our vision the way we see it. Remember the customer is always right so it’s important to gather feedback early on.

      Stay motivated and creative!
-          Raindolf 

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