Softreckon- a great product for developers

This month's featured product is Softreckon. Softreckon's founder, Samuel Gaisie-Yeboah founded his company to serve as a resource for other entrepreneurs. The company's offerings include products for developers and non-developers.

For developers:
Softreckon periodically offers developer add-ons. For the most part, these are small third-party software applications that makes it easier for developers to undertake particular tasks without having to start from scratch.  

For example,
a. Trans-Notifier (A simple application that will enable developers to notify their software users / customers about updates and other pertinent information.)

b. Update-Notifier (A simple application which allows developers to give their users the ability to check for updates of their desired software product.)

For everyone else :

Softreckon also develops software products, web applications and motion graphics.

Visit us on the web: www.startsmartgh.com Send us an email: startsmart.info@gmail.com

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