Entrepreneurship with an impact

Recently a friend and I were discussing the concept of entrepreneurship and what it meant within the Ghanaian context. A really interesting and important point that he brought up was how we (in Ghana) define entrepreneurship. Here are his thoughts.

" I am really interested in how many people in Ghana know about the term entrepreneur, what it means and how they can become one if  they're interested.  I believe that the entrepreneurial culture holds the potential to create a huge impact. However, for the most part there is more emphasis on pursuing the security of a profession (such as medicine or law) with an established firm. Don't get me wrong professions are noble and working for a company gives you valuable experience as well as financial security. But not pushing people towards entrepreneurship or at least enlightening them about it is a cause for great concern.
Personally, I never knew of the word entrepreneur growing up in Ghana. In fact, I dare say that I never even heard it, and that to me is a problem. Entrepreneurship provides a great way to produce wealth, not just for individuals, but a nation and I see it as a great vehicle for development in Ghana. Yes, there may be lots of businessmen/entrepreneurs in Ghana involved in the “buying and selling business”. But this to me will not solve much for us. Imagine we are able to get people to value innovation and creativity and and think big. We should be inspiring people to believe that as long as they work hard and are committed, they can engineer any product/business they envision and will find the money  needed to support them. The "we" I'm referring to is our society and it includes the government, educational institutions( the National University of Singapore sends kids to UPenn each year just to “learn” entrepreneurship), accomplished entrepreneurs and aspiring ones who have been enough privileged to know about this 'phenomenon'. 

What's the end result of this? A society where people have the courage and determination to try new ideas in every aspect of life, from pounding fufu to going to space, and eventually transform it into something great."

- William Kyei Manu

What are your thoughts?

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