The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship

Historically, entrepreneurship has been an area reserved for the middle aged in society. Entrepreneurs were generally considered to be those who had a little bit of experience and were ready to be their own bosses. Increasingly however, the entrepreneurial cluster seems to be shifting, more to the extremes of the spectrum. Many more retirees and recent college graduates are now catching the entrepreneurship bug.

It is fair to speculate that much of this change has been fostered by:

1. Changes in technology: The internet and other advancements such as the rise of social media have eliminated many of the obstacles previously associated with running a business. No advertising budget? That's ok, create a Facebook Page, a Google Plus Page and a Twitter Account and you're good to go.

2. Changing perceptions of retirement: Many retirees now view their retirement not as a period of absolute dormancy, but a time to pursue their passions and interests which they may not have been able to pursue during their youth. Want to run a non-profit? With savings in the bank and no more tuition to pay, why not?

3. Changing attitudes of college graduates: A discouraging economic outlook has meant a dismal job market for many graduating from universities. This has forced many to adopt a more entrepreneurial outlook in terms of their career plans. Why just sit around and wait for a job when you can create one yourself?

Overall it appears that entrepreneurs have many surprises in store over the coming years. What are your thoughts? What motivated you to become and entrepreneur?

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  1. Good day! It was such a pleasure to visit this blog and especially to read this article. Also I can't wait to ask you one thing that I am interested about. What is your opinion about guest blogging?

    1. Hi Rosemary,

      Thanks for your comment and glad to hear that you enjoyed the article!

      Guest blogging is great, it provides a new perspective on topics. If you're interested in sending in a guest post, please email startsmart.info@gmail.com