Great Online Resources for Your Business

Recently, I found a really great online resource for small businesses. The website, The Small Business Web, is a website which exclusively features software targeted at meeting the needs of small business clients. They address issues in a number of categories including:

1. Accounting

A theme I've harped on repeatedly is the importance of managing the financial health of your business, to allow it to grow and develop.  Most of the products I've found within this category are customized for businesses in the UK and US. I've developed a free, comparable product, customized for businesses in Ghana. So if you're reading this post and you own a business in Ghana visit the Start Smart website

2. Analytics

If your online presence is a significant part of your strategy, learning more about those visiting your website is important. The products in this link provide some interesting options. Other (free) products not on this list include Google Analytics and Site Meter

3. Billing
Getting payments from your clients can often be difficult. Here are a few potential products to make the process quick and (relatively) painless.

These solutions are perfect for businesses contemplating an online store.Figure out the basics and customize it to your needs

5. Email Marketing
A great way to manage your client email campaign, a task which can often be tedious and time consuming

These are just a few of the categories of resources on the site, feel free to share your thoughts and other products that you have found to be helpful

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