Afropolitan: The new face of African entrepreneruship

"An Afropolitan is someone who has roots in Africa, raised by the world, but still has an interest in the continent and is making an impact." Brendah Nyakudya, editor Afropolitan magazine

The world we live in today is unique, in terms of its level of interconnectedness. Individuals can simultaneously carry out business transactions in a number of locations around the world. The face of business today is truly global, but what has this meant for Africa's entrepreneurs? 

The African entrepreneur of today is someone who has roots in Africa, but also around the world. They've been shaped by experiences at home and abroad and they are what has been termed "Afropolitan". These individuals share a connection to the continent which motivates them to engage in projects and ventures which aid in its development and in the creation of opportunities.

Recently I read and article in which some entrepreneurs described the term as one referring mainly to Africans living outside the continent. What's your perspective?

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