Running a business from a distance

Another challenge I've come across during my journey to becoming an entrepreneur is the issue of running a business from afar. Let's face it in many parts of the world, but more so in the developing world, running a business involves your constant presence.

There are worries about employees being dishonest, infrastructure such as electricity running as it should- the list is endless, but I depending on your focus area it is possible. Some of the biggest lessons I've learned are:

1. No matter what, you need to have somebody that you trust on the ground, preferably a third party that has knowledge of the businesses, but no direct stake in it. This keeps them objective and willing to relay all information on your business to you.

2. Make sure you have a way to constantly stay in touch and by this I mean, make sure you can call or visit regularly. Emails don;t always cut it.

3. Keep a close eye on how things are run, if you're not comfortable with it and you can't easily monitor it, then it's probably not a good idea

How have you managed to run your business from afar? Share your experiences

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