Is it really all about timing?

What makes an individual successful? Education, drive and family background can all contribute to professional success. There is however another important factor, timing.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, one of the reasons he cites for the success of individuals such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, is timing. Their drive and vision came along at a time when the world was ready for it and as a result set them on the path to become successful.

How does this translate for today’s entrepreneurs? It certainly does not mean that a calendar will determine your fate. What is does mean however, is that it is important to consider how receptive the environment around you will be to your ideas. For example, let’s say that I’ve created a production process which shortens the time and cost involved in making customized license plates, there is nobody else in the market and my product is truly unique. What’s the next question I should ask myself- is it the right time for my idea? If there are no privately owned cars (i.e. there are only buses, trains and taxis) in the town I live in (assuming this is the market I’m choosing to serve), then it may be a better idea to wait or modify my idea to ensure that I’m meeting needs in the present or immediate future.

What are your thoughts? Does timing really matter?

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