Where You Dey?

“Yes Good Morning”

“Please is this God is Good stationery?”

“Yes it is, how may I help you?”

“ I’m trying to make my way to your shop, when I reach the junction where the trotro station is and I see
the red kiosk where the com centre is, where do I pass?”

“You when you reach there eh, park I will come and meet you there?”

This is a situation which is common to many businesses in Ghana. Accra in particular has expanded at
a rapid rate, far faster than new roads can be paved and named leaving many individuals, including
businesses to use points of reference as a way of navigating their location.

Google Places offers a solution for businesses to tackle this problem. Places is a free mapping from
Google which enables businesses to map their own locations and include other relevant details such as
the types of services offered and hours of operation. Businesses create their own accounts and manage
listings, giving them the power to map new branch locations or inform customers if they’ve moved.
Mapped locations become available in the general search pages, so when a Google search is done of a
business the map appears. So what are you waiting for? Show us where you dey!

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