Are you ready to start a business?

Everyone would love to be their own boss. Design their own product, create their own strategy, decide how things are run. Enjoying the benefits of being your own boss however, also involves acknowledging the responsibility that comes along with it.

Recently I came across an interesting checklist online. A goals and objectives checklist for businesses. Here it is:

1. How much does success mean to you and how far would you go to attain it?

2. Are you aware of the personal costs involved in running a business, in terms of time, money, work-life balance?

3. If things don't work out, what's your plan b?

4. If you are successful, how many people would you like to eventually hire? How big do you want your business your to be?

5. What are your projected revenues for the next 5 years?

6. Where would you like your business to be in the next 5 years?

7. Do you want to cater to a niche or a broader market?

8. How comfortable are you with ceeding some control to partners or investors?

9. How will tasks be delegated?

10. Do you have a clearly defined vision?

Where do you stand? Would you add to / take anything from this list? This is by no means a definitive standard for business readiness but definitely something to think about

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