So I Have The Idea, Now Where Do I Find The Right Tools?

Often once individuals come up with a business idea, the logistics of implementing the idea pose a huge challenge.
Below is an ongoing government initiative to assist budding entrepreneurs. The Ghana Multimedia Incubator Center is the first of a series of incubators the Ghana Government plans to establish. It was established by the Government of Ghana in 2005, under the support of the UNDP and the Ministries of Communications, Private Sector Development and Trade & Industry. This partnership is a result of the 2003 ICT for Accelerated Development Policy launched by the Ghana Government and the commitment made to Ghana’s Millennium Development Goals by the UNDP.

The center serves to promote the development of ICT entrepreneurship in the country as an engine for growth. This in turn contributes to the Center’s vision of transforming Ghana into an information and communication hub within the West African sub-region. The Center accomplishes this through the provision of much needed resources to unique and innovative ICT start-ups, to enable them to develop into sustainable businesses. This is
especially relevant as small and medium enterprises account for roughly 90% of Africa’s
private business. These businesses contribute at least 50% of employment and GDP in most African countries (Source: GMIC).

Businesses under the program are given the opportunity to benefit from mentoring, capacity-building from successful entrepreneurs, marketing and business plan development, proposal writing and negotiation skills. Practical tool such as office space, utilities, internet access and a shared resource center are also provided to them through the center. These resources provide a firm advantage for the center’s “graduates” transitioning into the open business climate, after a maximum of 3 years at the center. The rigorous selection criteria ensure that only the most promising initiatives benefit from the program. Of the thirteen tenants currently housed in the center, focus areas include educational software development, vehicle tracking systems, web-based recruitment and advertising and intelligent systems.

The initiative presents a great resource for developing businesses. It will be exciting to monitor the other Incubators set to be established by the Government, particularly if there is an equal emphasis on other unexplored industries.

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