The Power of Innovation and Creativity

Recently my friend and I continued our ongoing discussion on what we like to call "Mango Lane".
If I set up a kiosk selling mangoes, Ama will set hers up across the street, Akua sets hers up about a half mile down the road and soon enough every other kiosk on the street will be selling nothing but mangoes. It just seems that people just love to copy one another!

This really got me thinking, is it all about being a copycat or is it all about healthy competition? On a deeper level, what does it say about the motivations people have for starting a business, if there are any at all- is there a purpose? Is it about the customers, about money, about helping society, about being an innovator or about something completely different?

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on this topic.

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  1. Yes, this lack of innovation concerns me. It seems as though most of the ladies set up the kiosks only to make ends meet. Many of them don't seem to seek improving upon their services so they that can grow into a much bigger business. It's rather very unfortunate.

  2. Thanks Anansi! To what extent though do you think innovation is governed by access to resources such as financing/education? Is this something that you think can be overcome?

  3. Here's an interesting read