Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! We're excited to celebrate 2017 and look forward to a year of great accomplishments for our community of entrepreneurs. As always we look forward to hearing your input, so if there are particular topics that you'd like us to write about this year, let us know! Kindly send all suggestions to info@startsmartgh.com.

Blessings for the year ahead!
The Start Smart Team

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Bringing Together Hackers Across the Globe

Check out an interesting event happening in Accra this weekend!

The Woven Hacks Team is excited to unveil Major League Hacking: Local Hack Day at Ashesi University on Saturday, December 3 at 9am.

The purpose of the event is to empower the next generation of student entrepreneurs and technology leaders to engage with one another, and brainstorm innovative solutions to the complex challenges in their communities.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the first version of this event in Accra, and taking your ideas from prototype to product, register today! It's free to attend, and be sure to select Accra as your city when you register. You can participate either as an individual or join a team with a new or pre-existing ideas. More information is also available on the event's  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles.

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Why Do Startups Succeed?

 As entrepreneurs we all want our businesses to succeed- they take up our time and energy, and are usually the thing that we are most passionate about. The statistics, however, are not in our favor, and often advice on running startups focuses on the statistics around failure.

We thought we'd try something different in this post by sharing this TEDTalk from serial entrepreneur Bill Gross, on the factors that even make questionable ideas successful. Enjoy!

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Why Should Open Data Matter to Entrepreneurs?

Having access to the right insights and data is important when you're trying to start a business. Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs (especially in the developing world) this data is often scare, inaccurate or completely unavailable.

Thankfully, entrepreneurs aren't the only ones who are realizing how important open data is and over the years there has been a marked increase in initiatives aimed at increasing the quality and availability of data.

Below are a few of theses initiatives, as well as the positive effects that they are having:

How has open data helped you along your entrepreneurial journey?

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Are You Ready to Leave Your Full Time Job to Start Your Own Business?

 We've all had the feeling at some point- I want to be my own boss! Sometimes it's after: a demanding project, an interaction with an unpleasant coworker or when a job no longer challenges you. Regardless of how it starts, or if it lasts, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind before you make the transition to running your own business.


What Does Failure Really Teach Us?

As entrepreneurs, failure has become a part of our narrative. It's almost like a badge of honor, which reflects who the "real" entrepreneurs are. We've all heard the TED talks and blog posts about it, but often the focus is on what happens after. We hear about the great lessons learned, once recovery happens but how can people cope while they are in the midst of it?

Check out these great posts on coping with failure as an entrepreneur:





How have you coped?

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The Art of Management: Are You An Effective Leader?

Management is one of the most challenging roles to fulfill. It requires an ability to:

  • Drive the organization's overall vision and culture, and create one if it doesn't already exist
  • Build an effective team and create a clear system for developing synergies
  • Keep talent motivated, by balancing the needs of the organization with the professional goals of the individuals that keep it running